2009 Hillsong live album
ok so i managed to finish 10 songs postings as lined up this coming weekend service. and before i proceed to the usual lineup of new song chords and lyrics, i would like to make a highlight on the latest album made by Hillsong. it may be old news but he songs are really awesome when you hear it. the album was titled as FAITH+HOPE+LOVE and was released this year 2009.

if ill be having a free time soon ill be posting some of the songs in this album only after i finish all the songs in across the earth by Hillsong United. and before i forget, i hope i can finish them all by the time im going on vacation. i may or may not be able to post songs from the time of my vacation so i hope you guys still visit this site from time to time. i promise that when i get back ill be posting a lot and i mean a whole lot of christian chords and lyrics so watch out for it!

God Bless!